Master Physics, State University of Milan, 1957
Ph.D. Reactor Physics, Engineering Faculty, State University of Rome, 1968

1957 - 1960  Researcher in reactor physics field at Nuclear Research Center, Ispra.
Participation to the physical project of the Ispra 1 reactor.
1961 - 1962 Associated to the Reactor Physics Division of the Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA.
Research activity in the fast reactor physics field, in particular, relevant to the EBR-II experimental reactor.
1964 - 1974 Fast Reactors Physics Group Leader, CNEN - CSN Casaccia.
Analytical methods development. Participation to the physical project of the fast source reactor TAPIRO at CSN Casaccia.
1975 - 1982 Director of the Reactor Physics Laboratory, CNEN - CSN Casaccia.
Research activity on fast reactors (method development, system analysis, experimental data analysis).
1983 - 1997 Scientific advisor at the Innovative Systems Division of ENEA.
1967 - 1988 Lecturer on Reactor Physics by the Nuclear Engineering Department of the University of Rome.
1989 - 2010 Contract professor at the post-graduate School for Industrial Safety and Protection at the University of Rome " La Sapienza".
2000 - Contract professor by the Nuclear Engineering Master Graduation Course at the University of Rome " La Sapienza".

Lecturer at seminars at various European and American universities and research institutions..
Has participated as expert at various international technical committees and as session chairperson at a number of international scientific meetings.
Advisory Editor of the scientific journal "Annals of Nuclear Energy".
Lectures in Fast Reactor Physics and Sensitivity Analysis in a one month course at the COPPE Institute of  the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in years 1982 and 1986.
Expert evaluators of Nuclear Reactor Engineering Projects for the 5th Framework Programme of the European Commission (CORDIS)
From 1994 to 2004 co-director of the biennial "Workshop on Nuclear Reactors - Physics, Design and Safety, sponsored by IAEA and held at the Trieste ICTP Center.
From 1998 Scientific consultant with collaborations with ENEA, CEA, IRSN.
In  2013 neminee of the Wigner Award of the American Nuclear Society

Development and application of methods for the analysis of nuclear reactors.
Development and application of methods for the interpretation and exploitation of experiments.
  Development and application of statistical simulation methods for risk and performance analysis of industrial plants.